Zesto® Gift Cards

Do Zesto ® Gift Cards expire?
Answer: No. Zesto ® Gift Cards never expire.

Are there set denominations for Zesto ® Gift Cards?
Answer: You may choose the value of a gift card in any amount, from $5 to $250.

Can I reuse or add value to my Gift Cards?
Answer: Yes, Zesto ® Gift Cards may be reused and/or value added to them at any time.

What if my Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Answer: Treat your Zesto ® Gift Card as you would cash. Lost and/or stolen Gift Cards are non-refundable. 

Where can I use my Zesto ® Gift Card?
Answer: The Zesto ® Gift Card is accepted at any Zesto ® location. You may also use your Zesto gift card at Zesto Ice Cream located in New Albany, IN and Clarksville, IN .


Zesto® Employment

How old do you have to be to work at Zesto® Ice Cream?
Answer: Contact your local Zesto for this answer. Printable Application

Where do I drop off my application when Zesto® Ice Cream is closed for the season?
Answer: You can put your application in the mailbox, or you can wait until we open. We'll be looking through applications a few days after we open. Thank you for your interest.


Zesto® Franchising

I am interested in franchising with Zesto® Ice Cream. Who should I contact?
Answer: Click Own a Zesto for more information.


General Questions

When will you have a certain sherbet flavor?
Answer: Zesto ® Ice Cream rotates its sherbet flavor weekly, sometimes sooner. Zesto ® Homemade Orange Sherbet is by far the 
most popular, and that is why it is made the most often. However, if you would like to request a particular flavor feel free to submit a request.

Does Zesto ® Ice Cream do any type of fundraising, or donations?
Answer: Yes, Zesto ® Ice Cream recognizes the need for community involvement and frequently gives back to all types of organizations 
in many different ways. Click Fundraising for more information.

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