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You should bring Zesto to colorado please!!! :)  if you do i have a feeling that you will do great here.  please consider it.  let me know if you decide to put one in and where!!! :D 
- Kassie, Highlands Ranch, CO

In Louisville for the Ironman Race, crossed the bridge to get to Kroger's and stumbled across Zesto. We love ice cream so we decided to try...boy are we glad we found you! The pumpkin ice cream is something you must try. We have 3 more days left and will be there each day. Just can't go a day without it! 
- The Straubs, Richmond, VA

Clarksville Zesto is NUMBER ONE!!!!! 
-Sally, Jeffersonville, IN

I love Zesto and have been going there since they were in the little place. Lisa and Jim are such very good people and have a wonderful business and the ice cream is great. The business is so clean, neat and the employees are very nice. 
-Susan, New Albany, IN

I brought my brother's dog to eat at Zestos. Thought you'd like to see it. @Zesto at 3min mark. https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=y4MjRE3Svzg 
-Donna, Thompson, IN

Thanks for bringing back the coconut hand-dip.  That is my favorite.  Any chance it could become one you keep made all the time?  By the way, it is great with hot fudge and nuts.  Tastes like a mounds candy bar only better. 
- Joyce, New Albany, IN

I love Zesto. I love the Cards. I love Yahoo. CBS is going to have to earn my love back. I have to say, a peanut butter banana milkshake from Zesto's might possibly do the trick. 
- Mary , New Albany, IN

zesto is AWESOMENESS in a cone! free zestos on CBS rite now !! 
- Hannah , New Albany

CBS better get the ball rolling. I want my Hot dog and Vanilla Milkshake! 
- Willie , New Albany

The first year that I played little league baseball in New Albany, our team sponser was Zesto. We went undefeated that year. After the final game, we went to Zesto for free ice cream. That was 30 years ago. Thanks for the great memories and keep up the great job. 
- Gavin , Caneyville, KY

We need a Zesto/Chillers in Clarksville, TN. 
- DeWayne, Clarksville, TN

I love Zesto. They got Zesto in SD too. 
- Dustin , Olathe, KS

I have two loves U of L Basketball and Zesto Ice Cream.... o and my wife! CBS I want extra whip cream on my sundae! 
-U of L fan, THE VILLE

I agree! CBS needs to have a free ice cream day at ZESTO. Yahoo get on that. CARDS #1 
-ELLA, Louisville

Yahoo knows what's up. Zesto's ice cream makes me happy too. Not as much as Louisville winning, but still pretty happy. GO CARDS! Peanut butter shakes rock. 
-Ethan, Louisville

Who wants to watch the game on a 15" computer screen? When is CBS doing this ice cream thing, I want me some Zesto ice cream! GO CARDS and Zesto
-U of L #1 Fan, Louisville

People people use ncaa.com the next time they mess up the feed it had the whole Lville game. DUUUUUHHHH and yeah good ice cream..... 
-Frank, St. George

CBS owes my family hot fudge sundaes. Thanks Yahoo for getting the ball rolling.
-Jerry, Louisville

I lost 7 years of my life because of CBS, they at the very least owe me a Banana Split. 
-Jennifer, Louisville

Free Zesto Ice Cream would make us feel better too! CBS fork it over! GO CARDS
-Kyle & Carey, Louisville

Even Yahoo knows about Zesto! CBS give me my ice cream! 
-Daniel, Memphis

Nice article on Yahoo. I couldn't agree more. I will take a Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae.
-Tin Man, Oregon

Big ups to Zesto getting national publicity from Yahoo!!! Zesto/Chillers is the BEST!!
-Chuck J, Georgetown

I have been working in New Albany for five months and recently stopped by Zestos for the first time.  The pineapple frozen yogurt and the fast, friendly service that I received made my day.  I plan to treat myself on a weekly basis!  Thank you Zestos! 
-Linda, Scottsburg

I grew up with Zesto, remember it well, such memories,, Banana Splits, Hot Fudge Sundaes my favorites,,Glad to see it still going. 
-Dennis, Queensland Australia

Every summer my friends and I have to come to zesto and we always get turtle cyclone thing with chocolate ice cream (i always ask for no nuts, I am not a nut girl.) But my family would always get zestos chili dogs...every year. We had a feast of chili dogs. What wonderful memories! 
-Hillary, West Lafayette

My family and I were in for the NSRA Nationals in Louisville, KY and ate ice cream at your store 3 nights in a row.  It was fantastic and we will be looking forward to visiting you next year.Keep up the good work. 
-Brain, St. Clairsville, OH

I worked for Zestos a couple years ago and always go there and get ice cream and the pork bbq sandwich. It's soooo good! 

Your peanut butter yogurt is to die for!!!! 

Chillers aka:Zesto in Sellersburg is the best!You make our tummies v.happy. 
-Amy, Sellersburg, IN

Zesto's is my favorite ice cream place in our area!Well I should say it's my favorite in the world!! I have gone to the New Albany one since I was a little girl and still go there today! My best friend and I go there at least 4 times a month!! There is nothing like a family buisness ran well! 
-Ashley, New Albany, IN

My husband took me to Zesto's a few months ago and it was a great experience.  I just love the Banana milk shake. And the employee's are always smiling and seem to enjoy the zesto experience. 
-Angela, New Albany, IN

I absolutely love zesto.  I have been a loyal customer for about 20 years now.  I get very excited every year when it opens and try to get the most of it in the fall before it closes.  My favorite thing of all is the chili cheese dogs and I just tryed the cake batter ice cream.  Tastes better than the real thing and stay pretty true to it as well.  I hope you keep this flavor. 
- Tabitha, Clarksville, IN

Last week I tried your home-made Coconut ice cream. It was awesome and I will get it again when you have it but . . . wouldn't it be "the bomb" if you made a chocolate coconut ice cream with almonds. Oh my goodness . . .!!!!! 
-Kandy, Lanesville, IN

I love Zesto's and everything about it.  I have been going there ever since I can remember!
-Haley, Floyds Knobs, IN

I wish you would put a store in Louisville. We love you guys over here!
-Mike, Louisville, KY

When I moved to Jacksonville Fl they had nothing like Zesto. So for years I did without. The 1st place I went when I go home was to Zesto! 
-Tina, Clarksville, IN

I work at zestos and i love it. It truly is the best job in the world. It feels so great to make things for others and see them smile, knowing you put it on their face. Its so much fun that im determined to work hard. 
-Brittany, New Albany, IN

My family travels twice a week to get your famous Peanut Butter Ice Cream.
-Lina, Louisville, KY

Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Zesto's is the best and so are your employees. I have a friend that lives near you in one direction of Clarksville and I live in the other and we watch to see when you are open for the year and call each other with excitement when we see you are open. We were there the first day you opened this year. We are now weight watcher people and we so enjoyed your sugar free-fat free banana yogurt. Your employee was so nice to look up the calories for us. Again, thank you so much for a very nice place to come with the best ice cream in world. 
-Joyce, Clarksville, IN

I grew up with Zestos. I lived 3 houses away and would sneek up there for their fabulous soft serve and one of a kind chili dogs. I still crave them today. I am so glad they carried on the tradition. I will visit them again one day 
- Jennifer, Pensacola, FL

Zesto is the best. Butter pecan has been my fravorite since I dont know when. I LOVE ZESTO!!!!!!!
-Taylor, New Albany, IN

Im so jealous of my friends in New Albany for getting to have Zesto. We dont have anything as good over here.
- Sarah, Saint Matthews, KY

Chocolate Pretzel Yogurt is fantastic! 
- Zesto Fan since '80

Mother and I enjoy your quality products.  We love to go to Zestos.  Your customer service is very good.  God bless you all.- 
-Michael, New Albany, IN

I absolutely love your blackberry sundaes! 
-Rachel, Pensacola, FL

-Tammy, Jeffersonville, IN

You have exceptionally high expextations for yourself...and I'm pretty sure an ice cream parlor can't meet them...Oh wait I just tried your ice cream and I am totally wrong!!! This ice cream could save my marriage and the world!!!! Thanks Zesto!!! 
-Adam, New Albany, IN

I love you're chilli cheese dogs!!! They are so cheap and you make them perfectly! 
-Betty, New Albany, IN

I love the hand dipped raspberry cheescake ice-cream...amazing! The cake batter is out of this world...taste just like cake batter...only better! 
-Stephanie, New Albany, IN

Purple Cow Sherbet Rocks! 
-Gabe, New Albany, IN

The brownie fudge cyclone is really good; it is even better if you put chocolate ice cream in it instead of vanilla! 
- Adrianne, New Albany, IN

Chocolate tsunami is one of the best ice creams I ever eaten - period!!! 
- Darren , Jeffersonville, IN

Simply the best the best the best!!!!
-Kerri, New Albany, IN

Outstanding ice cream and chili dogs! 
-Dottie, Sellersburg, IN

Please carry the cake batter flavor all the time!  It is sooooo good.  :) 

I have been going to zesto's for years. I wish they could stay open all year round. chili dogs were my favorite until i tried a strawberry banana smoothie the other day.  It is the best I have ever had. Keep up the great work. 
-Brenda, New Albany, IN

There is nothing better anywhere else period.
-Angela- New Albany, IN

I am SO glad you are open again.  My three year old son asked EVERY TIME we past Zesto.."mom, is BESTOS open yet?"  Needless to say we were probably your first Superman sale of 2007!  Keep up the good work! 
-Suzy- New Albany, IN

I have been waiting for my Sugar Free Pretzel Yogurt all winter!
-Lindsay, New Albany, IN-

I'm so glad you're open!
-Terry, New Albany, IN-

I tried Zesto ice cream for the first time this past summer...and its amazing!  Their strawberry yogurt is my personal favorite!...its low fat but extremely flavorful! I give it 5 Stars *****! 
-Jill, Madison, IN-

Your ice cream is GREAT, your staff is always so friendly, and your brownie hot fudge sundae so out of this world! 
-Derek L. Clarksville, IN-

It was amazing! The ice cream there is Fabulous! I had a large milkshake the other day, at a great price, and got a 2 pound Shake! 
-Mary, New Albany, IN-

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